Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

We provide best SEO results in Australia

Australian Monk has a team of professionals who are experts in SEO, SEM and SMM. We offer a wide range of services to help clients boost their online presence.

Our services cover all aspects of digital marketing including keyword research, content writing, social media management, and web design. We have a team of experts who are responsible for providing the best solutions to our clients.

Australian Monk is the best digital marketing agencies in Australia and we offers comprehensive digital marketing services such as keyword research, content writing, social media management, and web design and we have an expert team and we are providing the best solutions to our clients to help them get ahead in this ever-changing digi tal world.

In-Depth Keyword Research

In-depth keyword research is a crucial part of SEO. It helps us find out what keywords our customers are searching for and how they use them in their queries. It also helps us to find out what keywords are being used by our competitors so that we can stay ahead of the game. We help our clients to be aware of the importance of keyword research for both content and SEO, as well as we conduct keyword research on behalf of our cli ents.

SEO Competition Analysis

SEO Competition Analysis is a tool that helps you find out how your website ranks against your competitors in organic search engine results pages (SERPs). It will analyze your website's keywords and compare them to the keywords of your competitors in order to find out which websites are ranking higher than yours for those keywords. There are many tools in the market like Ahrefs, Semrush, and others and we use different tools to find the best suitable result s for our client's needs.

Brainstorm Niche Ideas

Brainstorming is an important part of SEO, as it allows us to generate niche ideas that can be used for future content of the website as well as to check the current keywords and trending topics related the services, products and websits. In order to brainstorm niche ideas, we need to make sure that we are using the right keyword research tools. We can use tools like SEMrush or Google Keyword Planner Tool to find out what keywords are being search ed for on Google, Bing and how competitive they are. This will help us identify the keywords that have low competition and high search volume, which are most suitable for our content marketing strategy. We also keep in mind the general trends in our clients industry and the general public's interests when brainstorming niche ideas. For example, if we work for a travel agency, then we focus on traveling-related topics such as "Best Places To Visit In The World" or "Where To Find Cheap Flights", etc.

Keyword Difficulty Checker

Keyword Difficulty can be checked with ease as there are many tools that helps us to find the right keywords to use in our content for your website. These tool helps us to find keywords that are relevant to your business, also ones that will be easy for people to find. These tool are simple and easy to use. You just type in a keyword and it will tell you how difficult it will be for someone to find your content if they search for this specific keyword. It will also give you an idea of how crow ded this keyword is by showing the number of pages on Google with this keyword in them. The higher the number, the more crowded it is. We use the best tool available in the market for our clients.

Rank Tracking

Rank tracking is the process of monitoring the ranking of a website or webpage on search engine result pages on a regular basis and optimizing's the SEO strategy as per it to maximize the benefits. This process can be done manually by checking the rank of a web page on search engine result pages like on Google, baidu, etc. However, to save time and resources, many companies have turned to software that does this for them. We use both manual and automated ways to find the ranking of the web site and keywords for the best results.

YouTube Research

YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms that attract billions of users each day and has become a powerful tool for businesses to promote their products and services. YouTube videos are watched three times more often than Facebook videos and ten times more often than Twitter video as per multiple surveys. YouTube also ranks at the top in terms of engagement rates, with over 60% of viewers watching the entire video. YouTube is also a great source for SEO because it provides an opportunity for businesses to rank higher in search engines by including keywords in titles, descriptions, and tags. We do YouTube research for our clients and provides them with the best options.

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Backlink Checker

Backlinks are the most important factor in SEO. They are the driving force behind rankings. A backlink checker is a tool that helps you to find the backlinks of your competitors and monitor their progress.

This is an important tool for SEO professionals, and it can be used for many purposes. You can use it to find new link opportunities, monitor backlinks, track link-building progress, and so on. We monitor your backlinks as well as of your competitors to make sure that you are ahead of them in number & quality both.

Webpage Audit

Australian Monk do the webpage Audits carefully and utilizes all the opportunities available to us on that particular page including tag placement, keyword placement, etc. to maximize the benefits. We make sure that each and every section of the webpage is equivalent to a website and gives us the ranking from maximum keywords with the right intent.
Our years of experience in the SEO field has made us hard, smart and stubborn ranker who does everything ethical and still gets your webpage on top of search engines. We have been constantly ranking on top of search engines in Australia for our webpage audit services and we do it on an individual basis as well.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is a process of evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of one’s competitors. It helps to identify the areas that need improvement in order to stay ahead of the competition.

We study your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, their websites from users’ perspective as well as from Google’s perspective, their brand value in the Internet world.

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