Future of SEO with Chat GPT and Bard AI

In this blog, we will talk about AI Chatbots like Chat GPT, Bard AI, etc., and their impact on SEO. We will briefly discuss what these chatbots are, how they are impacting Search Engine Optimization and they will be able to finish the jobs of SEO experts. We are going to answer all these questions for you from our own personal experience with logic.

What are Chat GPT and Bard AI?

ChatGPT full form is a “Chat Generative Pre-training Transformer” and is designed and developed by OpenAI and is an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot that is capable of answering the queries of its users. ChatGPT has free as well as paid versions and in Paid Version, you get priority access to the ChatBots in the Premium version while in the Free version, there might be a long queue.

Bard AI is designed and developed by Google, it is an AI Chatbot and is based on the LaMDA family of large Language Models.

How does AI Chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard AI impact SEO?

AI Chatbots like Bard AI and ChatGPT are helping users in many ways, especially SEO people. There are many ways in which these AI chatbots are showing their worth to the SEO community and we will discuss a few of them here:

Content Ideation:

ChatGPT and Bard can help users to get an idea about the hot trends and related content for it and thus help them in the role of assistant to them.

Keyword Research:

The AI Chatbots are helping people in doing keyword research, keyword clustering as well as finding the right keywords for the users. These keywords can be provided to these chatbots again to generate “Keyword” friendly content in a few seconds.

Content Writing:

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard are helping users to write content for their websites, blogs, articles, and for other things. They can use the keywords themselves or the users can provide a list of his/her own set of keywords to use in the content.

Writing Metadata:

ChatGPT and Bard are helping people write search engine friendly or user-friendly meta-data as per their wishes. Users can play with the length of these as well as can generate as many meta titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords, ALT tags, or heading tags as S/He want.

In Editing

ChatGPT and Bard can help users in editing any content that they have written for any grammatical mistakes and thus it looks perfect.

Will ChatGPT and Bard be able to finish the Job of SEO experts?

In their current form and knowledge, ChatGPT and Bard are not able to complete the work as SEO experts, and in the near future it looks difficult that they will replace the SEO experts.

With the introduction of AI Chatbots, search engines will also be more careful and will take steps to counter these as their main goal is to serve the user with genuine information and relevant websites/content. Search Engines like Google have released many updates to fight spam and AI-generated content and ChatGPT isn’t able to produce 100% genuine and human-generated content.

As per my experience(Swastik Saraf), Search Engines will find more ways to counter the impact of AI Chatbots, and the relevancy of SEO experts with manual work will be in more demand.

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